Since 2017, hundreds of parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago have gone through the “Renew My Church” (RMC) program. RMC is an Archdiocesan-wide effort to engage in group discernment and decision-making to revitalize the mission of the Catholic Church through spiritual and structural changes to the Archdiocese.  There is a strong emphasis on evangelization, bringing new people into relationship with Jesus, and renewal, the process by which some things end so something new can begin.

Under RMC, our parish was grouped with St. Bruno Parish in January 2021.  Each parish established a RMC committee and these committees met regularly help with the discernment process of merging our two parishes.


In July 2021, St. Richard and St. Bruno officially became one unified parish and Fr. Andrew Bartos was named our new pastor. To assist Fr. Andrew, a Unification Committee comprised of 15 dedicated parishioners from both parishes was formed.  This committee meets weekly to provide input and wisdom in bringing our two parishes together.  The Unification team members are:


From St. Richard: Deacon Larry Chyba, Tom Baliga, Kathy Kerwin, John Poineau, Maribel Islas, Zofia Stasik, Leticia Martinez.

From St. Bruno:  Deacon Ed Sajdak, George Speck, Andrew Cachro, Janusz Rajski, Elżbieta Ziarno, Suzana Alvarez, Lourdes Sanchez, Esperanza Reyes.

We know it’s important to keep our parishioners updated so we will continue to post updates and important links on this page and publish information in our bulletin.

We appreciate your prayers as we continue to discern and make important decisions regarding our new parish, and we encourage you to contact one of the Unification Committee members if you have any questions or concerns.