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Please check website on Friday morning for updated information.

Drawing held on Wednesday evening at 8:00PM at Guide's Bar.

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Weekly Drawings

Week    Date             Amount      #               Card Exposed 

Wk 1:      05/01/19      $10,000         #13         6 of diamonds

Wk 2:      05/08/19      $10,735         #48         7 of diamonds

Wk 3:      05/15/19      $11,305         #04         3 of diamonds

Wk 4:      05/22/19      $11,825         #03         9 of clubs

Wk 5:      05/29/19      $12,320         #31         5 of clubs

Wk 6:      06/05/19      $13,010         #26         9 of hearts

Wk 7:      06/12/19      $14,690         #07         queen of diamonds

Wk 8:      06/19/19      $15,070         #18         jack of diamonds

Wk 9:      06/26/19      $15,610         #53         queen of clubs

Wk 10:    07/03/19      $15,995         #01         10 of clubs

Wk 11:    07/10/19      $16,390         #29         2 of diamonds

Wk 12:    07/17/19      $16,735        #33         Joker  -  the board restarts!

Wk 13:    07/24/19      $17,090         #23         8 of diamonds

Wk 14:    07/31/19      $17,360         #18         ace of clubs

Wk 15:    08/07/19      $17,725         #07         9 of spades

Wk 16:    08/14/19      $18,150         #12         2 of clubs

Wk 17:    08/21/19      $18,490         #35         4 of clubs

Wk 18:    08/28/19      $18,990         #17         8 of hearts

Wk 19:    09/04/19      $19,550         #51         3 of hearts

Wk 20:    09/11/19      $20,045         #21         queen of spades

Wk 21:    09/18/19      $20,610         #19         queen of hearts

The first round of Queen of Hearts 50/50 Raffle was won on April 24, 2019, with a winning pot of $70,000 (winner won $35,000 - hence 50/50). The number drawn was 49, at 31 weeks.  The Raffle started on September 26, 2018, with the potential winning pot starting at $11,600. The first drawn card was a 5 of hearts, number 33. 

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For questions regarding the Queen of Hearts 50/50 Raffle, please contact Kim Osowiec at the Parish Office: 773-585-1221.

St. Richard Queen of Hearts – General Information and Rules


Queen of Hearts 50/50 Raffle will utilize a manufacturers raffle board. The board has a deck of 54 poker cards (including two jokers) sealed and numbered 1-54 on the back. The cards are randomly placed on the board face down with numbers 1-54 on the back by the manufacturer.    


Tickets are sold in a set of 6 tickets for $5.00. Those will not be sold separately. A tumbler or similar device shall be used for mixing the raffle tickets. Tickets will be mixed and drawn in public view. 

The purchaser must be 18 years of age or older. There can be only one name per ticket. Do not write nicknames or abbreviations. The ticket must contain your first and last name, a working phone number, and the one card number you select. Please write legibly.  Address labels are not allowed on the raffle ticket. The other half of the ticket will be retained by the purchaser for verification purposes.


If your ticket is drawn, you must select the Queen of Hearts card on the raffle board to win 50% of the available pot. However, if the Queen of Hearts is not selected, the ticket drawn will be paid out at $50 as an automatic card selected win. 

The following cards, if drawn, will be paid out at $100: the Queen of Clubs, the Queen of Diamonds, and the Queen of Spades. However, these mentioned cards cannot be combined with the $50 automatic card selected winning.


If the Joker card is selected, it will be paid out at $250; and this card can not be combined with the $50 automatic card selected winning. In addition, the Joker will reset the board and the Queen of Hearts 50/50 Raffle starts over with a new board.

If the Queen of Hearts is not drawn, the pot will roll over to next week. The pot will continue to build until the Queen of Hearts is selected. 

If you are not present at the drawing, you must declare a numbered card from the board and write the number on your raffle ticket stub.  If you do not choose a number or if the number you choose had been previously selected, you will be assigned the lowest available number on the board (i.e. if the # 1 is available you will be assigned #1; if #1 has been selected already, you will be assigned #2, etc.).

All raffle tickets will be discarded following the drawing each week.  New raffle tickets must be purchased to participate in the next weekly drawing.


St. Richard will withhold all taxes from winnings where applicable.  Winners will be required to provide proper identification and information for taxes.


Ticket sales will end each week the day of the drawing 30 minutes prior to the drawing. Tickets will be sold at St. Richard Parish Office during regular business hours.  Tickets will also be sold at Guide’s Sports Bar.


Drawings will be held every Wednesday at 8:00PM. After the raffle game has been fully paid out, (Queen of Hearts was selected). Then, the Queen of Hearts Raffle Game board shall be retained by the organization for a minimum of 45 days.


The Queen of Hearts game board will be displayed at Guide’s during the drawing only. It will be secured by St. Richard at all times except for the drawing. Each week a mock-up of the board will be displayed showing available numbers.


All rules are subject to change by St. Richard Parish at any time after each weekly drawing.

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